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  Anger Control, developed by John F. Taylor, PhD


Play the ACE of Anger


Adapt to the situation

  • I create my anger
  • I can use it any way I want

              to hurt others or self
              to help others or self

  • Anger warns me that I have a problem to resolve
  • I can change my approach so I won't be so frustrated


Confront means to talk

  • I can use the energy from anger to
  • tell them to please stop
  • tell them what I want them to please do instead
  • tell them how I will support their change
  • talk to an adult

Escape means


Deciding to leave the situation: talk to an adult first


Avoid being RUDE


Repeated useless venting

  • pillow punching
  • rehearsing the anger
  • not confronting

Under-expressing the anger


Dumping on others, pets, etc.


Exaggerating often results in loss of control


From Anger Control Training for Children and Teens


  Friendship Skills, developed by John F. Taylor, PhD


Talk about your friend


Friend chooses what to play


Talk about your friend's topics


Instead of "hogging the ball," take turns


Show you're happy that your friend is happy


Let your friend control his/her half; don't be the "boss"


Be a friendly host; practice meeting the friend's needs


Use the politeness words "please" and "thank you"


Feed the friend; have supervised kitchen fun


Give small appropriate gifts and share


Friend says when to stop


Do small favors

From Helping Your ADD Child