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Learn to Have Fun with Your Senses



Dr. Taylor’s landmark guide to help children “stop over-reacting” to light, sound, touch, and other sensations.


Product Description

This is the first book ever written directly to children who are sensory avoiders. In this original book for readers age 6 through 16, Dr. Taylor explains how to stop over-responding and how to cope with hypersensitivities among the various sensory modalities. It is a therapy guide that puts sensory processing disorder (SPD) into understandable language that makes real sense for the young reader. The reader actually identifies his or her own symptoms from 100 portrayed with a delightful checklist for each sense.  It portrays 120 therapeutic activities such as those often directed by an occupational therapist in a way that convinces the reader that they are fun to do. It includes helpful guidance about overall symptom reduction by improving sleep, stress coping, nutrition, and avoidance of unnecessary exposure to brain toxins. It invites the reader into full cooperation with the occupational therapist guiding the treatment of SPD.


Author: John Taylor, Ph.D.


ISBN 9781-9355-67240


Pages 144