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Gross Motor Fun

Gross Motor Fun



Therapeutic activities to improve gross motor skills for PK – 2 students with SPD or other muscle control issues.


Product Description

Every child with impaired muscle control faces significant challenges at school and at home. This book for teachers, occupational therapists and physical therapists provides a comprehensive array of strategies for use at school and in clinical settings to redeem SPD (sensory processing difficulties) resulting in impairment of muscle control, eye-hand skill, sense of equilibrium, and whole-body movements.  The strategies assist with academic learning as well. The book begins with an insightful and scholarly analysis of the relationship between gross motor activity and academic learning, with a glossary and useful insights about incorporating gross motor activities at school. The suggested activities are clustered as rapid movement and tag games, language arts tag games, math tag games, hopscotch grid games, early learning hopscotch forms, language arts 
hopscotch games, math hopscotch games, relay games and walks (18 varieties), fine motor relay games, early learning relay games, language arts relays, math relays, creative rhythms and movements, stop-and-go whole-body movements, early learning stop-and-go games, language arts stop-and-go games, math stop-and-go games, and Simon says games.  


Author:    Michael Abraham


ISBN:       9781-6026-80036


Pages:     160