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Brain Gym

Brain Gym



Handy guide to some of the most popular classroom-usable Brain Gym movements. 


Product Description

Brain Gym, one of the first major movement-based treatment programs for sensory processing difficulties (SPD) and still one of the most frequently used and imitated by spin-off versions, is ideal for use in any classroom. Since Brain Gym was first developed in the 1990's, a massive amount of data has been collected about its effects on students with special needs as well as neurotypical students. They include improvements in muscle coordination, self-calming, mental alertness, creativity, self-control, and reading scores. This book enables any teacher, parent, or therapist to start immediately using the most popular and effective exercises.


Author:    Paul Dennison, Ph.D. & Gail Dennison


ISBN:       9780-9421-43058


Pages:     48